Policetech Tested™ Badge

Policetech Tested™ Badge

Tested By Police – For Police™

The Policetech Tested™ Badge is a program offered by the V13 Policetech Accelerator’s Pilot stream. This program ensures confidence that a product or service has been tested in the field by police officers and has met specific criteria associated with durability, quality, functionality, and applicability. Through the Pilot Program, companies will work with the Accelerator and its first responder partners to design a field environment in which to test and validate technologies in real-world scenarios. The pilot will be designed collaboratively to ensure the company’s outcomes and policing interests are considered, so as to ensure a mutually beneficial project plan.

Generally, a pilot team is formed (made up of uniformed or civilian staff or both, as may be required). This team will provide necessary end users for the purpose of testing the product. The company will train the pilot team under the supervision of V13 Policetech Accelerator staff. The technology will then be tested by the team and monitored for performance standards established by the Policetech Tested Badge under careful and responsible conditions.

Upon completion of the deliverables of the project, a review of the product will be performed to ensure that it performs to the expectations of the end users – this is completed through use of an end-user questionnaire that examines product Durability, Quality, Functionality, and Applicability. Only products that obtain an average of 4 out of 5 on the assessment scale will be eligible to receive the Policetech Tested™ Badge. The company can then utilize this badge for purposes of marketing the specific product that was tested in accordance with the outlines specified by the V13 Policetech Accelerator.

The Policetech Accelerator’s Pilot Program works with companies to put their technologies and products in the hands of police officers and civilian staff. This gives entrepreneurs exposure to how a product is used, and how well it performs. For physical products, this includes assessing impact of daily wear/use and/or stress testing in an operational environment. Software solutions will be assessed for reliability over time and how platforms handle real-world enterprise requirements.
Prior to piloting a new technology or device, the policetech accelerator works with the participating company to define what the new technology is, its intended purpose and the problem(s) it will solve for police. Specific performance metrics (whether qualitative or quantitative) are determined and measured in the course of testing. An assessment of overall performance will include any recommendations for improvement made by the pilot team.
After receiving training, the pilot team will use the product and assess whether the functional claims made by the company are accurate.
The pilot team will consider if the product truly is a novel solution to an unsolved problem, a significant leap forward/improvement on the status quo, or that it addresses an actual need or “pain point” and that if it were applied, that it would create value, improve performance, find efficiencies/cost savings, or otherwise contribute to community safety and overall operational resilience of the police service.

Value of the Badge

Our accelerator’s Pilot Stream and the Policetech Tested Badge will help solve problems through increasing the flow and adoption of new technologies introduced into the field of policing. The program will further help to provide a level of assurance to police services that these technologies from start-ups and SMEs have been tested in a real-world environment and performed to a high level.

Value to the Companies Participating

Start-ups and SMEs often have difficulty breaking into the policing marketplace. The V13 Policetech Accelerator supports high-potential entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators by facilitating direct structured interactions with front-line police personnel. By making it possible to obtain critical end-user data and feedback during the development process, we can help to ensure product-market fit prior to commercialization.

The Policetech Tested™ Badge is a trademark of the V13 Policetech Accelerator. Any use of this trademark without the V13 Policetech Accelerator approval and/or associated licensing is strictly prohibited.

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