Community Futures Program

NCFDC is dedicated to providing lending solutions for small and medium-size enterprises in Northumberland, for business start up, stabilization or expansion. We are not in competition with the banks. We are an alternative lender that supports entrepreneurs as a pathway to future prosperity in our communities.

Apply now for financing from NCFDC

To begin your application for financing, please complete the financing eligibility pre-screening form below. Once complete, you will receive a link to submit your full application via NCFDC’s CORL portal.

Confirm your eligibility for Community Futures Program lending

Complete the following form. You will then receive a transcript of eligibility emailed to you and copied to NCFDC. If eligible, you will then gain access by email to the quick link to submit your full online application for financing to NCFDC via CORL (or, if you prefer, you may submit a PDF version of the application by email or print and drop off your application to our offices at Venture13 in Cobourg, Ontario). There is no obligation to proceed with the full application. If you are not eligible, we may nevertheless contact you to assist with project development or, as appropriate, to provide helpful referrals.

The basic eligibility form can be completed in less than a minute.

Please note that NCFDC’s Privacy Policy applies to disclosure of confidential information.

Basic Eligibility Form

Basic Eligibility CFP Loan
This address will be used to email you a copy of your responses to the basic eligibility questionnaire and will also be forwarded to our Loan Officer upon completion. Completing the basic eligibility questionnaire does not obligate or require you to proceed with a full loan application.
Have you registered your business and is the business registration currently valid?
The BECN (Business Enterprise Centre Northumberland) provides business registration assistance to local businesses. Please go to for more information. Fees apply.
What is the structure of your business? Select one:
The BECN (Business Enterprise Centre Northumberland) provides business registration assistance to local businesses. Please go to for more information. Fees apply.
Where is your business located?
Click here to find your local CFDC based on your postal code.
Click here to visit FedDev Ontario's website.
Note: micro-loan applications up to $15,000 may be fast-tracked. You may request up to $250,000. Larger loan requests may require extended due diligence in evaluation and review of your application.
Have you been declined (turned down) for a loan by a bank or lending institution?
Once you submit this form, two emails will be sent to you. If you don't see them within 15 minutes, please do the following. Check your Spam/Junk box to see if they were sent there. One will contain a copy of your submission. The other will send you an application link.
A condition of basic eligibility for the Community Futures Program is that you have previously sought a loan from a bank/commercial lender and have been declined. Please contact your small business banking officer or any of the local banks, credit unions or other commercial lending institutions. If you are ultimately declined by one or more of these institutions, please return to Northumberland CFDC and re-confirm your basic eligibility using this form. You will then be able to apply for a Community Futures Program loan. Thank you for your interest in the CFP.
Overview of the application process
  1. Determine basic eligibility
  2. Submit full application via CORL app or, if you prefer, via email (link and PDF options provided after completion of basic eligibility form)
  3. Receive instant decision (Pre-Qualified or In Review)
  4. A Loan Officer from NCFDC will contact you with next steps
  5. If approved, Letter of Offer will be issued
  6. Closing (funds can be advanced in as little as 2 weeks after approval)

All lending decisions are made at the sole and unfettered discretion of NCFDC.

If you would prefer an alternative method of application, we are pleased to accommodate. Contact us for additional assistance.

How we evaluate loan applications

All financing decisions are made by NCFDC, governed by a local Board of Directors made up of entrepreneurs and experts in their field.

The following criteria may be taken into consideration when reviewing loan applications:

  • Purpose of the financing request
  • Reasonable expectation of economic viability
  • Creation or maintenance of jobs
  • Client character including credit history
  • Qualifications of the owners and/or managers
  • Personal investment or financial commitment
  • Security offered to protect the investment
What you will need for your full application

We recommend that you gather the following information and digital documentation:

  • Copies/scans of two forms of photo ID
  • Articles of Incorporation and/or Business Registration (Master Business License, Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership)
  • Any financial statements or business planning documents you have on file electronically
  • Login information for online business accounts such as business banking, accounting, payments, etc. (you must grant permission to CORL Financial Technologies to access this information for the limited purpose of assessing your business for financing, and for ongoing monitoring of your loan status throughout the term of the loan). Please note that the more accounts you connect, the more information we will have to accurately assess your application.

Additional documentation may be required in further due diligence and review of your application, such as (but not limited to):

  • Statement of Personal Assets and Liabilities including;
    • Personal Net Worth Statement
    • Personal Net Worth Statement for each applicant (partner(s) and/or spouse)
    • A schedule of investment properties
    • Proof of assessment value of home (MPAC Property Tax assessment and/or residential appraisal report)
    • Copies of Bank statements supporting account and investment balances and loan/mortgage amounts
    • Personal income tax returns for 2 years together with Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment
    • Other information to confirm balances on statements
  • Detailed multi-year cash flow projections
  • If purchasing land or building, a signed Offer to Purchase, conditional on financing
  • The past 3 years’ financial statements and/or CRA Statement of Business Activities (Form T2125)
  • Detailed listing of equipment and inventory to be purchased
  • CRA Notice of Assessment (T2 for Corporations)
  • HST Return for Registrants (Form GST 34)
  • Statement of Account for Current Source Deductions (Form PD7A)
  • List of current Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Detailed listing of equipment and inventory owned
  • Résumé(s) of partners/shareholders
  • Copy of Birth Certificate and Drivers’ licenses of partners/shareholders
  • Other documentation as deemed necessary and requested after initial submission
Current term sheet
  • Loans up to $250,000
  • Instant pre-qualification possible on competitive loan requests up to $15,000
  • Interest rates starting at Prime +2% (and no more than Prime +5%)
  • General Security Agreement (GSA) and Personal Guarantee
  • Up to 60 month terms
  • Repayment schedules can be customized for seasonal business cycles
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Non-dilutive
  • Payment flexibility may be available if the business is facing hardship due to COVID-19
  • Niche loan programs with flexible terms may be offered to priority clients (e.g. social enterprise, accessibility loans, recent new Canadian-owned and led businesses, etc.)

Online application and credit model powered by CORL Financial Technologies

If the application is approved there is a Loan Administration Fee of 1% of the approved loan up to a maximum of $1,000.


Q. My business is located outside of Northumberland but has economic impacts in Northumberland (e.g. vendors, contractors, supply/value chain impacts, job creation, economic multiplier effects, etc.). Can my business apply for a loan through NCFDC?

A. No. For the purposes of the Community Futures Program, the business must be located in Alderville First Nation or Northumberland County. Competitive applications will demonstrate a substantial local presence and address the assessment criteria noted above.

Q. Do I have to sign a personal guarantee?

A. If the business is incorporated we require all owners to personally sign a Guarantee limited to the amount of the loan.

Q. Do you lend to new businesses?

A. Yes, we provide financing for start up (as well as business stabilization and expansion).

Q. Do you offer operating lines of credit?

A. No, we do not have current accounts and do not offer lines of credit. We do have flexible repayment terms that may still address your needs.

Q. Do you lend for commercial properties?

A. Yes, we do lend for the purchase, upgrade or renovation of commercial properties. Our maximum loan amount is $250,000, however we can partner with your financial institution or BDC for larger deals.

Q. Do I have to have security?

A. All loans have some type of security. However, depending on the use of funds and amount of the loan, physical security may not be required.

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Loans Manager – Kim Botrie

Kim Botrie, NCFDC Loans Manager is available to answer any questions you may have and assist you through the application process. It’s easy to apply and there is no obligation to proceed.

Kim Botrie
Loans Manager
905-372-8315 x221
Email Kim
Contact Kim Botrie
As NCFDC’s Loan Manager, Kim Botrie enjoys working with entrepreneurs to address their financing needs as well as connecting them with additional partners and opportunities for growth and success. Kim is a proud lifetime resident of Northumberland County. After graduating from CDCI East in Cobourg, Kim attended Trent University in Peterborough in the Administration and Policy Studies program. Kim was Senior Lending Services Officer at Ganaraska Credit Union Ltd. working in all aspects of personal and mortgage lending for eighteen years, earning her Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation. Kim also garnered formal training (Dalhousie University/Credit Union Professional Training) and experience in commercial lending operations at the Credit Union. In 2010, Kim joined NCFDC as Program Administrator, providing support to Lending Services and other programming on the administration side and in client services. Excited to utilize her lending skills and experience full time, Kim moved into the role of Loan Manager in 2018.

Kim, and her husband of 30 years, live on Rice Lake where they raised their two sons and now enjoy the company of their grandson. Moving beyond the busy Hockey Mom, Parent Council, and part-time taxi driver years has allowed Kim more time for hobbies and the great outdoors.

Kim Botrie
Loans Manager
905.372.8315 x 221