Policetech Tested™ Badge Issued for Rubicon’s RubiREPORT

Policetech Tested™ Badge Issued for Rubicon’s RubiREPORT

Cobourg, Ontario (October 23, 2023) – The V13 Policetech Accelerator, a joint initiative of the Cobourg Police Service and NCFDC, has issued the Policetech Tested™ Badge for Rubicon’s RubiREPORT. This recognition highlights the demonstrated advancement and effectiveness of RubiREPORT as a digital non-emergency reporting platform designed to augment police service efficiency.

Through active participation in the V13 Policetech Accelerator’s Pilot stream, Rubicon leveraged end-user feedback to iteratively refine RubiREPORT to ensure its alignment with the needs of the community and frontline members. The badge’s theme, “Tested By Police – For Police™,” underscores the significance of testing groundbreaking technologies and solutions with the engagement of law enforcement professionals.

The V13 Policetech Accelerator initiative was designed to bridge the gap between emergent technologies and their application in policing. Many startups face barriers in entering the public safety sector, while community services miss out on technological innovations. The Accelerator facilitates connections between academia, startups, and SMEs, providing space for collaborations and pilots that result in feedback-driven solutions like RubiREPORT.

“The Policetech Tested™ badge represents a significant step towards bridging the gap between the ever-advancing world of technology and the traditional practices of police services,” said Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Cobourg Police Service. “We acknowledge the challenges that can arise from the slow pace of technology adoption in policing. The V13 Policetech Accelerator’s Pilot Program helps companies like Rubicon overcome these constraints, ensuring we keep our communities safe while staying on the cutting edge of innovation.”

“The introduction of new tools that have been designed in collaboration with law enforcement professionals is the kind of engagement that the Accelerator is positioned to advance,” said Wendy Curtis, Executive Director of NCFDC. “Applied research and development, rigorous real-world testing, and a collaborative approach to innovation is paving the way for more effective policing techniques, and, ultimately, safer communities.”

“Being recognized in this way underscores our commitment to co-developing solutions with the very people who use them every day,” said Daniyar Akhmedjanov, Co-Founder of Rubicon. “We’re not just creating software, we’re engineering a safer, more efficient future for law enforcement and community services across Canada. A big thank you to the Cobourg Police Service members for their invaluable feedback and insights. Their hands-on experience was instrumental in the enhancements we made. Also, our gratitude extends to Venture13 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre and NCFDC for their ongoing support.”

For more information about RubiREPORT please visit Rubicon’s website or contact the founder, Daniyar Akhmedjanov, at daniyar@tryrubicon.com. For details on the V13 Policetech Accelerator and the associated Policetech Tested™ badge, visit the V13 Policetech Accelerator’s homepage.

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