Sanjay Deoram

July 19, 2023

Integrative AI Projects at NCFDC Powered by New Developer

NCFDC has hired its first Junior Developer to drive integration of AI and Machine Learning applications from the organization’s headquarters at Venture13 in Cobourg, Ontario.

“Our approach to AI is creative but cautious, Zen-like and attentive to governance,” said John Hayden, CISO and Manager – Enterprise Programs. “We have identified a number of compelling opportunities and it’s interesting to note that for NCFDC, developments in artificial intelligence are actually creating jobs rather than replacing them.”

Sanjay Deoram recently graduated from the Computer Science program at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, and was formerly a summer intern with NCFDC where he gained experience working with the V13 Policetech Accelerator, a joint initiative with the Cobourg Police Service. He is a full stack software engineer with expertise in MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Flutter, Java, and Python, and known to be dominant on the basketball court. During his time at Ontario Tech, he focused web development and AI, and gained a strong foundation in programming languages and frameworks. Through coursework and personal projects, Sanjay developed a knack for building interactive and user-friendly applications, from developing web pages to writing Python scripts.

“I’m looking forward to making a meaningful impact at NCFDC and in the industry,” said Sanjay. “And it’s great to be back at Venture13 working with an amazing group of people, tackling cutting edge projects that are conceptually challenging and relevant.”

“We are pleased to welcome Sanjay back to NCFDC to help us explore what efficiencies, impacts and new capabilities will result from the integration of AI into our operations,” said Wendy Curtis, Executive Director at NCFDC. “AI is viewed corporately as a natural step in our ongoing preference for operational innovation.”

Sanjay Deoram and Joe Miller

In his spare time, outside of work, Sanjay produces YouTube videos to document his journey as a developer. You can check out his study vlogs and developer vlogs on his YouTube Channel.


NCFDC is an innovation and entrepreneurship organization focused on providing financing and strategy for entrepreneurs, across an array of programs, and with core operational funding from FedDev Ontario and the Government of Canada. NCFDC is located at Venture13 in Cobourg, and delivers local, regional and national initiatives. NCFDC’s summer internship program provides a pipeline of talent from Ontario post-secondary institutions and helps to create jobs for young people interested in entrepreneurial finance and development.

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