Fogorig Brewing
December 5, 2022

A High-Water Mark in Northumberland

NCFDC is on its way to achieving the biggest year of lending in the corporation’s history. The Board of Directors and Investment Committee are proud to report $1.21 million in total financing from April 1 to September 2022, with an additional $3.2 million leveraged by commercial and institutional investors during that time.

“The momentum is strong as we pass the halfway mark of our current program year,” said Loan Manager Kim Botrie. “We are participating in larger and larger deals, strengthening syndication and encouraging significant follow-on investment. It’s a great sign of economic vitality in our community.”

NCFDC provides access to capital for businesses to accelerate timelines, de-risk investments and position firms for solid growth, job maintenance and expansion.

This year’s loan recipients are over 50% Women-owned ventures (reflecting the overall portfolio) and are creating about 1 new job and maintaining another 5 jobs for every project backed by the Community Futures Program across Northumberland.

Despite economic headwinds, NCFDC is there to back viable and competitive local businesses, including attracting new ventures to set up shop in our community.

One great example is an exciting new destination brewery right here in Northumberland.

Fogorig Brewing is a brand new family-run brewery located in Trent Hills (read more about the launch and the meaning of the name via Canadian Beer News). The venture was named after the historic mill restored and renovated as a production facility and venue.

Fogorig Brewing
Fogorig Brewing
Fogorig Brewing

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“It was paramount to us that we preserve the historic stone buildings that are the site for Fogorig Brewing,” Co-Founder Liz Roberts explains. “One of these holds the large chimney that was hit by lightning in the 1960s and that is still in use as a Waymarker for planes flying to CFB Trenton.”

NCFDC played a critical role in galvanizing the initial investment round that helped Co-Founders Liz, Wade, Derek & Heather open their doors on County Road 8 in Campbellford in August, 2022. Today, along with their line of exceptional and accessible beers, you will find Fogorig hosting community events, food trucks and live performances by local Ontario singer-songwriters.

“Without the NCFDC program,” Liz adds. “We would not have been able to undertake the two-and-a-half year restoration of our historic buildings and still have the capital that we needed to launch our business here in Northumberland County.”

“Working with Kim was seamless and easy, right from the beginning. We would strongly recommend that entrepreneurs reach out to the Community Futures Program for support in achieving their business vision.”

Fogorig Brewing–just nominated as New Brewery of the Year by Brewers Journal Canada as part of the Brewers Choice Awards–is one of the many investments that are making 2022-2023 a high watermark and historic year for the Community Futures Program in Northumberland.

“Whether through the launch of a new craft brewery or any number of other creative and entrepreneurial pursuits,” said Wendy Curtis, Executive Director of NCFDC, “our organization is proud to be a part of the financial solution that makes all of it possible, with the support of FedDev Ontario and the Government of Canada.”

Click here to learn more about the Community Futures Program in Northumberland.

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