With the support of the Government of Canada and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), NCFDC provided funding to woman-owned and woman-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to REBUILD, REOPEN and REVIVE their businesses, in the wake of COVID-19.

Impact Report

Across 378 projects in Eastern Ontario:

RE3 - Re build, Re open, Re vive Southern Ontario Women-Led SMES

jobs impacted

millions of dollars in total funding for women entrepreneurs

businesses received funding via RE3
“With RE3, I was able to keep my practice alive. Not, only am I a business women, Naturopathic Doctor but also a mother of 3 children. This pandemic, lockdown has significantly impacted my occupation and income. I needed something that would allow me to work safely and outfit my home office. Many patients are reluctant to visit multi-disciplinary clinics and only want to see me at my home office.”

Andrea Bull, Naturopathic Doctor
Campbellford, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient

“This grant was a real beacon for me. To say this year was hard is a massive understatement. Seeing a program like RE3 that was meant for a business like mine was a real boost during a very dark time. It gave me the confidence to go ahead and buy this equipment as an investment in my business. Without it, I wouldn’t have done so as I had a real “cash is king” mentality as I faced the prospect of another shutdown. But because of this option, I was able to start thinking about growth instead of just thinking about loses. Thank you so much for this.”

Elsbeth Vaino, Custom Strength
Ottawa, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient
“The changes made in the store have reenergized staff and clients. The past year has been very difficult and the changes this funding allowed us to do have provided us with hope and inspiration.”

Amanda Adamcryck, Revolution Skateboard Shop
Brockville, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient
“This project has had a huge impact on our business especially through acquiring the sprayers which allowed us to get back to regular room count and turnaround, while at the same time keeping our guests and staff safe. Acquiring PPE and all the tools we have needed for COVID has been very expensive – This Relief is very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Norah Rogers, Waring House
Picton, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient
“As a historical theatre company, I don’t think we EVER could have pictured creating virtual content. However, with the technology to do it, and the ability to not “worry” about the cost, RE3 has enabled us to pivot in a new direction. In addition, being able to complete multi-day show bookings and know that everyone is safe was great, for in person experiences. We did contact tracing with the venues and 0 cases of Covid were reported in relation to our shows. Our cast, crew and audience had wonderful things to say about being able to “finally get back to it” for both types of experiences. It gave us a new goal and allowed us to “start things rolling” again. Now, as there is a light at the end of a tunnel, we are on a clear path to rebuilding thanks to our new tools and trainings and abilities and PPE/Technology.”

Jasmine Bowen, Live History
Ottawa, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient
“The support we received from RE3 through this program allowed us to hire a dynamic young woman as our Engagement Manager. She worked with us to craft and launch a patronage campaign that has provided our readers and supporters with a way to assist us through these challenging times. Without this campaign, it is unlikely that we would have been able to remain solvent throughout the fall and winter, during which we anticipate a much lower than usual ad revenue due to the cancellation of nearly all of the events that normally take place at this time of year. In addition, we have developed a wonderful working relationship with our Engagement Manager, and are looking into ways that we can continue to work together in future.”

Kristin Riendeau, theHumm
Mississippi Mills,, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient
“This grant was so instrumental to our transition/pivot. The website and social media needed to come in line with a new brand voice so that we could push our sales and show to buyers that we are a strong, viable, innovative company. The response on our new website and social media marketing has been phenomenal. Thank you so much for your support. Grants and other forms of accessible capital are integral to ensuring that female-led businesses such as ourselves continue to grow, pivot, innovate and survive.”

Victoria, Pasta Tavola
Belleville,, Ontario

NCFDC RE3 Recipient